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Torsion Source’s garage door parts manufacturing and distribution center.

Lean Manufacturing

Torsion Plastics will help develop the most efficient and cost-effective process for your unique application. We are the leading source for design and product expertise in the garage door industry.


Reduce tooling costs and lead times without sacrificing the quality of your finished product with Thermoforming services from Torsion Plastics.

Injection molded window frames for garage doors.

Window Frames

Torsion Plastics is a leading producer of window frames using injection mold and automated hot plate welding and cleaning technology. We offer a wide range of mold types and sizes and our experts will help you determine the best material for your application.

Two aluminum garage door weather seal retainers with one brush seal and one EPDM seal.

Solid or Hollow Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Benefit from shorter lead times with our in-house extrusion capabilities. We can color match to your specifications. We also offer cap stock options, embossing or texturing capabilities, and post-production fabrication services.